Right Food Combinations

Eating right food combinations is the key to maintain and improve your health. If your food digests properly it helps absorb nutrients in the body.

On the other hand wrong food combinations is the main cause of indigestion and discomfort. Your body will become acidic if you eat wrong combinations and will also cause constipation, bloating, gas and weight loss.

Indigestion is the root cause of inflammation in the body that leads to body aches, arthritis and many more diseases. It is wise to eat the right food combinations in order to stay healthy.

There are three main types of foods we consume such as protein, carbohydrates (that include fruits and starch) and fats. The digestion time of different foods varies for example high protein foods need an acidic environment in the stomach whereas other foods needs an alkaline balance to digest properly. When you combine protein and carbohydrates none of them get digested properly as a result you get indigestion problem.

Right food combinations

It is better for your health if you keep your meal portions as simple as possible. Never combine acidic and alkaline foods; raw foods (like raw vegetables) with cooked ones, leftover foods with freshly cooked and hot drinks with cold drinks. Here is the list of compatible food combinations:

  • Milk is compatible with dates, almonds and rice pudding. In order to get optimum health benefits consume it on its own.
  • Protein & Fats are compatible with non-starchy vegetables also you should avoid eating more than one protein at the same time.
  • Yogurt is compatible with grains and vegetables but incompatible with milk, milk products, meat, eggs, beans, fruits and fish.
  • Fruits are better to consume as a single ingredient. It is compatible with similar quality fruits like citrus fruits together but incompatible with other foods. Morning is also the best time to consume fruits.
  • Melon should be consumed alone and cannot be combined with any other food.
  • Vegetables are compatible with other vegetables, grains meat, fish, eggs and yogurt.
  • Cheese is compatible with grains and vegetables but it is incompatible with eggs, beans, fruit, yogurt and milk.
  • Beans are compatible with other beans, vegetables and grains but incompatible with cheese, yogurt, meat and milk.

In order to improve the digestibility of beans, grains and nuts soak them over night before cooking. Our aim should be to consume foods that digest properly and absorb nutrients in the body, which is vital to maintain and improve our health.

Always choose foods to eat that are fresh, have been grown in a natural environment, cultivated in your local area and most importantly they are in season. An example of a seasonal food is watermelon, which is full of nutrients but if you eat it during wintertime you wont get many nutrients from it.

Select foods that match your activity such as an office worker cannot eat foods like a body builder or athletes because they will be unable to digest those kinds of foods due to less activity.

Start applying these basic food combinations and you will feel the difference within a week’s time towards improvement in health.



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