How to stay healthy

Healthy eating habits keep you fit for a long period of time therefore eat healthy food to stay healthy. The amount of calories you eat depends on how active you are, for instance if you eat too much and don’t burn the calories you will most likely gain excess weight. On the other hand if you eat too little you will lose weight in an unhealthy manner, which will weaken your bones. Both of these habits are bad for your health therefore you need to keep a balance in your diet to maintain a healthy weight. Eat a variety of foods to ensure your body gets all the required nutrients, which are necessary to maintain good health.

The recommended amount of calorie intake in a single day for men is about 2,500 and for women it is about 2,000. In most cases adults are eating more calories than the required limit, which is main cause of gaining excess weight.

I follow the routine mentioned below and gain the health benefits. I hope you will like it and adopt these habits too in order to maintain and improve your health.

  • Wake up early in the morning most ideally between 6 AM to 7 AM.
  • Aim to exercise at least two and a half hours every week, which will keep you active.
  • Give up smoking because it causes lung cancer and heart disease.
  • One-third portion of your food should include starch-based ingredients like cereal, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. The rest of the two-third portion should consist of fruits and vegetables preferably raw. The fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients that are essential to maintain good health.
  • Choose whole grain foods, which contain more fibre that release energy slowly and keep you full for a longer time.
  • Eat foods that contain unsaturated fats like vegetable oil, fish, olive oil and avocado.
  • Pre-packed foods contain high amount of sugar so avoid eating these kinds of foods and go for fresh foods instead.
  • All juices and fizzy drinks sold in the market are full of added sugar and high in calories so avoid these drinks and choose fresh home made juices instead.
  • Always check the label before you consume the food to make sure that particular food contains low amounts of sugar.
  • Cut down on salt and go for alternatives like squeezing fresh lemon juice on the food before eating it that will boost the taste and you will get vitamin C as well.
  • Never skip breakfast, as according to research the people who eat breakfast every day are healthier than those who skip the breakfast.

A balanced diet is the source of vitamins and minerals, which our body required to maintain good health. If you look after yourself and take control of your eating habits all your health problems will decrease or even start to disappear. So it is vital that you start taking care of your health from today.


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