How to Stay Motivated

Motivation is a power through which people accomplish their particular goals and strive to fulfil a desire. Highly self-motivated people don’t need a push as they are internally driven towards achieving their goals. A person who is motivated stays positive, doesn’t give up easily and push selves as hard as possible to achieve goals.

A motivation can be external like wealth or self-recognition or internal like achieving a goal for personal satisfaction or desire. The external motivation doesn’t stay for long time while internal one is the real one and stays forever. Internally motivated persons feel satisfied after achieving a goal.

Ways to stay motivated

Staying motivated is hard but if you find the best strategies even in the hard times you will achieve success. Here are the ways to help you stay motivated internally and feel empowered to achieve your goals:

  • Set clearly defined goals, write them down, stay focused and make every possible effort to achieve them.
  • Focus on the present and don’t be worrisome of the future or feel guilt from bad experiences in the past.
  • Organize yourself and your thoughts and the activity you are going to perform.
  • Remind yourself on a consistent basis why you set the goals as this act will help you to stay focused.
  • Track the progress of your goals and treat yourself if you are on track to increase motivation.
  • Get rid of stress and negative thoughts, which cause obstacles in achieving goals.
  • Exercise and yoga lighten up your mood so make a habit to exercise and practice yoga every day.
  • Break the task into small chunks and perform one task at a time, as that will make you feel satisfied and motivated.
  • Never give up but try to find out alternate ways to accomplish the task.
  • Eliminate distractions like your phone, social media or your family and friends.
  • Find a productive place where you can sit calmly and think creatively.
  • Yoga meditation is the best practice to eliminate stress and boost a positive approach, which is required for creative thinking.
  • Read motivational books or read an article about successful people and watch motivation related videos.
  • Manage your time effectively to help achieve your goals on time.
  • Acknowledge your achievements and treat yourself on each success.
  • Up skill yourself by learning new things that will help to achieve your goals.
  • Stop worrying about things that are beyond your control.

If you stay focused on your determined goal then you will be able to achieve it.

Staying motivated is one of the secrets to success so stay motivated all the time to reach your goals and you will achieve anything. If you lose your motivation then you lose your ability to achieve your goals.

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I am a self-motivated, well organized, customer focused and initiative driven professional with an accomplished career history as a retail manager. I am skilled in dealing with problems in a resourceful manner. I have worked in a Manufacturing Industry as an Operations Manager for over 15 years and managed a large team of staff. My ambition is to own a business and be a successful businessman. I have travelled a lot and want to travel more around the world and enjoy my life. I love to practice Yoga, which strengthens me mentally and physically. My favorite Yoga exercises are Kapalbhati and Anulom Vilom. I like to spend my spare time with my family.

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