Olives Health Benefits

Olives are one of the healthiest foods on the planet; they are grown in various countries around the world but the major production come from the Mediterranean Countries. Olive’s history can be traced back to thousands of years.

Olives are rich source of Vitamin E, Iron, Copper and Calcium. They contain rich antioxidant properties. Olives contain healthy fat contents that help to improve heart health. They are low in carbohydrates and contain almost nil sugar.

Health benefits

The fresh olives are bitter in taste therefore they are fermented before consumption. The fermented olives help to improve digestive system. They are beneficial for health mainly improve your heart health. Here are some health benefits consuming olives:

  • Antioxidant properties fight against inflammation bacterial infection in the body.
  • Help to reduce blood pressure and regulate cholesterol level.
  • Contain Vitamin E that helps to improve hair and skin health therefore incorporate them in your diet to enjoy health benefits.
  • Help to improve digestive tract health.
  • Helps to improve eye health particularly the night vision and age related diseases.
  • Olive oil helps to reduce pain the natural way therefore apply and massage to treat muscle aches.
  • Help to improve metabolic system that lead to manage and reduce weight.
  • Contain iron, which is required to improve immune system as well as get oxygen through out the body.

Just because some foods have medicinal properties doesn’t mean that we should start consuming them in large quantities. In order to get medical benefits from it, make it a small part of your daily diet.

Olives are available all year round in grocery stores and in supermarkets. When you buy make sure they are grown organically, hand picked and stored in the glass container as well as they are with in the use by date. You can store them at room temperature but away from sunlight.


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